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PulsePlus Protein

PulsePlus™ Protein

AGT Foods is a leading producer and supplier of ingredient flours, proteins, fibres and starches derived from pulses for petfood markets and feed companies around the globe. New to our diverse portfolio of pulse ingredients is PulsePlus protein, which provides nutritional benefits including protein fortification, low calorie formulation, and allergen and lactose-free solutions, as well as yield improvement in formulated diets. 

PulsePlus protein is a fine powdered material made from the milling of dehulled pulses, created without the use of any processing aids or chemical compounds. PulsePlus protein is a feed grade ingredient used to increase the protein content of diets without altering flavor, aroma and color properties.

PulsePlus protein offers quality solutions with a high-quality amino acid profile. The blending, water absorption and emulsification properties of pulse protein make it an excellent natural solution for any food formulation.

In addition to its portfolio of nutritious pulse ingredients, AGT Foods features a technical team with the expertise to help manufacturers develop unique food solutions.

Create what markets demand. Contact AGT Foods to learn how our portfolio of PulsePlus protein and pulse ingredients can improve your formulated feed products.

Proximate analysis of PulsePlus™ Protein
  Moisture (%) Protein (%) Starch (%) Dietary Fibre (%) Colour Gluten-Free Non-GMO Natural

Pea Protein 55





Cream/Beige Yes Yes Yes
Lentil Protein 55 ≤8.0 ≥55.0



Pale Yellow Yes Yes


Faba Protein 60 ≤9.0 ≥60.0



Pale Cream/Grey Yes Yes