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Queen Green

AGT Foods is proud to introduce the Queen Green™ Lentil, the first true green cotyledon lentil in the world. Developed through the Crop Development Centre at the University of Saskatchewan, the Queen Green is the brightest and greenest lentil ever marketed.

Exclusive to AGT Foods, the Queen Green Lentil is a rare gem in the global pulse industry offering rich emerald green colour on its outer skin and a vibrant, green colour on the inside. The Queen Green will offer a new conduit for caterers, chefs and premium food packers who are looking for fresh products and standout ingredients to make their products unique from the rest.

The Queen Green Lentil is offered in whole and Sortex split quality and is packaged in a premium quality 25 kilogram laminated polypropylene bag. All aspects of the Queen Green Lentil say premium quality.

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Download the full Queen Green Lentil product brochure here.

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