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B90 Chickpea


AGT Foods is proud to offer the B90 Chickpea, the preferred chickpea for canners and hummus manufacturers around the world. Available exclusively from AGT Foods, the B90 Chickpea is one of the best-processing chickpeas in the market today, featuring unique hydration properties that plump to an attractive size while maintaining the B90’s firmness and deep colour.

The B90 Chickpea features a condensed size that quickly expands to the internationally preferred calibre when processed, allows buyers to ship greater volumes of product at a more efficient cost than larger-calibre varieties. Consumers prefer the B90’s richer and sweeter taste and impressive pearly colour, making it the preferred chickpea in the international marketplace.

The B90 Chickpea is offered in Sortex quality and is packaged in a premium quality 25 kilogram laminated polypropylene bag.

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Download the full B90 Chickpea product brochure here.


B90 Chickpeas size comparison. Soak time: 5 hours.