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Merchandising Activities

AGT Foods, through the merchandising activities of AGT Foods Canada in Canada and Arbel in Turkey, reaches producers all over Canada, the US, Australia and Turkey and customers all over the world. Major markets include the Indian subcontinent, Egypt and the Middle East, North Africa, South America and Europe. In many of these regions, pulses account for the major source of protein consumed.

The core business of AGT Foods is supplying customers with premium quality value-added pulses and specialty crops. AGT Foods' product line includes Red Split and Football Lentils, Red Whole Lentils, Yellow Split and Whole Peas, Green Split and Whole Peas, Laird/Eston/Richlea Lentils, French Green Lentils, Kabuli Chickpeas, Faba Beans, Whole and Split Desi Chickpeas and Canary Seed.

For information on our available products, view our brochure or visit the Products page for more information.


Global Pulse Confederation

AGT Foods is a leading member of the Global Pulse Confederation (GPC), the nonprofit association for the pulse industry supply chain. AGT Foods upholds the GPC's high standards of quality, fairness and transparency in all of our dealings. We commonly use the standard GPC Pulses Contract for Full Container Loads.

To learn more about GPC and their contracts, visit their knowledge centre or contact your AGT Foods sales representative.


Quality Guarantee

The AGT Foods quality guarantee is based on a comprehensive process that we developed specifically for accessing and controlling quality pulse products.

  • Our goal is to create business relationships that are designed for the convenience of the buyer, with flexible delivery options and competitive pricing.
  • We manage transportation and logistics issues. We pay attention to the details.
  • Our commitment to innovation and drive to constantly improve our facilities and proprietary production technologies gives us our competitive advantage. Our advantage is your advantage.


Pricing or Order Request

To submit an inquiry to our trading group, or to obtain pricing, please submit the order request form below. Please be specific as to product requested, market you would like shipment to and any other information you can provide.

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