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AGT Foods Australia

AGT Food and Ingredients (TSX:AGT), listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange in Canada, is a global leader in value-added processing of pulses, staple foods and ingredients for export and domestic markets. AGT Foods was founded on the principle ‘From Producer to the World’, buying pulses and specialty crops from farmers around its facilities in Canada, the U.S., Turkey, Australia, China and South Africa and processing and exporting its non-GMO, gluten-free and non-allergenic products to over one hundred countries around the world.

AGT Foods Australia, a division of AGT Foods, is headquartered in Toowoomba, Queensland — one of Australia’s largest production areas for pulse crops, with state-of-the-art production facilities in Horsham, Victoria; Bowmans, South Australia; and Narrabri, New South Wales, as well as cleaning and exporting facilities in Kadina, South Australia. These facilities feature cleaning, sizing, splitting, colour-sorting, and packaging capabilities for lentils, chickpeas, yellow peas, faba beans, broad beans and specialty crops. AGT Foods also produces a full range of PulsePlus™ food ingredients through its pulse ingredient production facility in the United States. Other operations are located in major pulse producing origins including the Arbel Group in Turkey, AGT Foods Canada in Canada, AGT Food and Ingredients (Tianjin) Co. Ltd. in China, Advance Seed in South Africa, AGT India in India and Poortman with sales offices in Europe. AGT Foods products are available in canned and dry small pack form at retailers across Canada and in many parts of the U.S. through its AGT Foods Retail Division.

AGT Foods Australia, through the merchandising activities of AGT Foods, reaches producers all over Canada, the U.S., Turkey, Australia, Russia, China and South Africa and customers across the globe. Major regional markets include the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, North Africa, North and South America and Europe. In many of these regions, pulses are the major protein source consumed.

Products are sold in bulk and in bags according to customer specifications.

  • Red Split Lentils: Australian varieties of Red Split Lentils. Qualities include Sortex Quality, 0.5+0.5 Quality, 1+1 Quality and 2+2 Quality. Product may be purchased unpolished or polished with oil and/or water.
  • Football Red Lentils: de-husked Red Lentils. Sortex Quality may be purchased unpolished or polished with oil and/or water.
  • Whole Lentils: Australian Red Whole Lentils (Nugget, Aldinga and Northfield)
  • Chickpeas: Kabuli 7, 8, 9 and 10 mm Chickpeas and Desi type chickpeas (whole and split).
  • Broad beans, lupins, faba beans


AGT Foods Australia

Head Office - Toowoomba
Suite 9, 124 Margaret Street
P.O. Box 3019
Toowoomba QLD 4350
Phone: +61 7 4633 9600
Fax: +61 7 4639 9699


AGT Foods Australia - Facilities

47 Golf Course Road
P.O. Box 838
Horsham VIC 3400
Phone: +61 3 5381 2555
Fax: +61 3 5382 2612

Lot 6 Hundred of Inkerman, Balco Road
Bowmans SA 5550
Phone: +61 08 8862 1462
Fax: +61 08 8862 1647

Lot 1 Beare Road
Kadina SA 5554
Phone: +61 08 8821 4855
Fax: +61 08 8821 4866

56 Williams Drive
Narrabri NSW 2390
Phone: +61 02 6792 4933
Fax: +61 02 6792 4894